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Our service vehicle is equipped with a full compliment of parts and tools to provide quality on site service of your equipment. 

We make every effort to keep in-stock a host of parts to fix your equipment the first time.

We stock numerous purification filters, gauges, valves and also have the capability of making hoses on site.

Please contact us for a quote on service

Air Testing

Sherman Air Services LLC provides air testing for all breathing air systems. We accommodate everything from verification testing to quarterly air test at fair prices. We can provide air testing intervals from annual, semi annual, or quarterly as you desire.

Please contact us for a quote on air testing. 

Mobile Ultrasonic Testing

 Do you have large, cascade type cylinders that require hydrostatic testing every 5 or 10 years? Is it labor intensive to get those cylinders out, to the hydro shop, refilled and then reinstalled?

Sherman Air Services LLC is proud to offer mobile ultrasonic testing for stored pressure vessels!

With Ultrasonic testing, the cylinder can remain full and be tested in a fraction of the time. With our mobile unit we can come right to your site and recertify those cylinders and place them back in service, in most cases, the same day.

Contact Us for a quote and additional details!

Mobile Ultrasonic Testing Unit

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